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David Howell PPRSMA


I have exhibited with the Wykeham Gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire for over 25 years and they invariably have a selection of my paintings but it’s always nice to be back there with an exhibition of new work.  This time it’s a 3-man show with Colin Carruthers and Kevin Hughes. The exhibition opens with a private View on November 9th from 6 - 8 pm and runs until November 24th.  Contact the Wykeham Gallery for further details or to enquire about individual paintings at enquiries@wykehamgallery.co.uk or by phone at 01264-810364

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Loch Torridon  Oil 20” x 30”

Beaters at Bimbo’s  W/col 22 x 23 cm

Plage de Longchamp, St. Lunaire  Oil 10 x 12 “

Barges at Pin Mill  W/col 32 x 50 cm

Woodbridge  W/col  33 x 51 cm

Hulks and houseboats  W/col  18 x 22 cm

Rio delle Mosche, Venice

The boatyard at Felixstowe Ferry  W/col

Glen Torridon  Oil 8 x 10”

The old city, Jeddah  W/col  28 x 21 cm cm