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David Howell PPRSMA

David works from a studio in North Yorkshire, England. He paints in watercolour, oils and pastels and is a regular exhibitor with galleries, both in the UK and internationally. He is primarily a painter of landscape and marine subjects but is also well known for his equestrian racing pictures, plus occasional forays into life work, field sports and anything else that takes his fancy. David has a reputation for being an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher and is the author of a number of books related to painting, a regular contributor to magazines and other publications and he is a past-president of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.  

The Bedouin Souq - Old Jeddah - W/col

This painting is currently on show with the Wykeham gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire and is typical of David’s Arabian work.  He lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 9 years at a time when there was major change and modernisation appropriate to the late 20th century  but where there were still places to be found that reflected another age.  The old city of Jeddah with its carved rawashin balconies and doors, narrow shady alleyways and dusty paths between high coral stone buildings, was just such a place.

This is a much more recent example of  David’s Arabian work.  Painted last year, this is an oil of  St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai desert in Egypt.