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David Howell PPRSMA

Pin Mill moorings - W/col 28 x 36 cm  £1500          Now sold

Beaters and dogs - a cold start - Oil  14 x 18“


This section usually shows recently completed work that is either in the studio or at the framer.  At the moment I’m working on new paintings but recent deliveries to galleries are shown below and adjoining pages.

CHANTRY HOUSE GALLERY, Ripley, Nr. Harrogate, N. Yorks YO61 4SA 01423-771011 www.chantryhousegallery.co.uk

The Chantry House Gallery has these paintings currently available.  Contact details above

February sunset - Oil 8 x 10”

San Simeone Piccolo, Venice - W/col 18 x 25 cm

Fond. S. Giovanni Battuti - Oil 8 x 10”

 Grand Canal - W/col 18 x 25 cm

Woodbridge, Suffolk - W/col 33 x 51 cm

Winter sunset at Stearsby - W/col 10 x 49 cm

St Malo, Brittany  Oil 50 x 50 cm

The Emerald Coast, Sant Lunaire - Oil  10 x 12”