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David Howell PPRSMA


June 2019

Plage des Hirondelles - St. Lunaire

One of the 8 x 10” from Brittany.  This is now at the Wykeham Gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire - www.wykehamgallery.co.uk

The watercolour book launched last year has been very popular with excellent revues.and along with its sister volume ‘Painting with Oils’ has now been scheduled for re-printing. Both books are available directly from the publisher, Crowood Press at www.crowood.com or alternatively from major internet art material suppliers, Amazon  or your favourite bookshop.  APV films who made the film ‘Just Watercolour’ are offering both  the book and the DVD as a special - see www.apvfilms.com for a trailer of the film and how to order.

I have recently been painting around Saint Lunaire in Brittany and it’s easy to see why this coastline is called la Cote d’Emeraude .  The colours on a sunny day are stunning and I produced a series of small oils on the beach both with conventional oil paints in my half-box easel and Daniel Smith water soluble oils in a pochade box..  The concept of oil paints that don’t need solvents to clean brushes and palettes takes a little getting used to and in the past, when I have tried them from other manufacturers I’ve hated them for being too sloppy but the Daniel Smith variety feel like conventional oils with excellent tinting strength.  I was concerned that they weren’t available in small tubes for the pochade but I’m happily working with just 8 colours plus white..  I also used them in India earlier this year and I think that they are going to be a convenient and essential part of my plein air kit.  I have a substantial stock of conventional oil paints in the studio and anyway, I love the lingering smell of linseed oil and turps about the place but who knows where this might go?

Painter on the beach